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Fine World Cuisine in Athens, Ohio

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Fine World Cuisine in Athens, Ohio

Thanks to our loyal customers, we are finding we are able to hang on during this pandemic. We  plan to reopen fully when we feel it is safe to do so.  Until then, however, we are sticking with our current business model, which is to offer only pre-ordered, pre-paid meals for contactless pickup on Friday and Saturday evenings.  Hilarie and Mark prepare a variety of meals with care and love for you each weekend.  We offer local beef and fresh produce in season, naturally-raised Ohio chicken, and fresh sustainable seafood. 

The menu changes each weekend, and is published below and on our Facebook page each Wednesday evening. Ordering takes place Thursday from noon until 10 pm, and Friday mornings from 9 am to noon.  Pickup is at the REAR of the restaurant at the time you have designated (between 5 and 7 pm.) 

We so appreciate your patience and support during this time! 



Menu for October 30 and 31

Youvetsi (Greek Lamb and Orzo Stew)

A casserole of tender stewed lamb, orzo pasta and tomatoes, topped with imported feta and fresh herbs and served with green beans tossed with olive oil and garlic, crusty bread and butter pats  22

Linguine with Olives, Tuna and Tomato

The flavors of Sicily in a hearty pasta dish made with sustainable hook-and-line caught Albacore tuna, fire-roasted tomatoes, Kalamata olives and a topping of toasted breadcrumbs; it’s served with crusty bread and butter pats  18

Chicken Paprikash

Comfort food supreme: a Hungarian stew of Ohio naturally-raised chicken in a creamy sour cream paprika sauce, served over pappardelle noodles with a side of green beans  19

Ann's Salad

Mixed greens with candied pecans, clementine slices, and scallions, with a sweet apple cider vinaigrette  5

Harissa-spiced Cauliflower and Almond Soup

A smooth and creamy vegetarian soup with a little heat   cup 4   bowl 7

Rustic French Loaf

Crusty and delicious!  6

Applesauce Spice Cake

Fragrant applesauce cake with pecans and raisins, topped with a brown butter icing  5


Ordering Directions

To order dinner for Friday or Saturday night, please call the number below between the hours of
NOON to 10:00 PM on THURSDAY 
9:00 to NOON on FRIDAY
Have your credit or debit card handy (or you may use your gift certificate on file) when ordering. 
You will designate a time between the hours of 5 and 7 pm for pickup on either Friday or Saturday.  Pickup is in the REAR of the restaurant; proceed in the direction of travel on S. Congress Street. Don't turn left onto Washington Street... just pass it and then turn left to enter the parking lot behind the restaurant.  You will see our yellow sign and a big shelf unit on our rear patio, where we will place your bags of food at the appointed time.  No need to call, unless there's a problem with your order.

(740) 707-2167

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