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Fine World Cuisine in Athens, Ohio

We have closed for dine-in temporarily but are OPEN for our contactless carryout meals in the meantime.  We just feel it's safer for everyone not to gather in person right now.  We plan for  this to be a short-term measure, just while cases are spiking so dramatically.  Both our specials and our regular menu items are available to order, and gratuity is included in the prices shown.

(Scroll down to view this week's specials)


We are currently (NOT) welcoming fully vaccinated guests for dine-in Wednesday through Saturday from 5:30 to 9:00.  Please remember to bring your mask and wear it until seated at your table (and preferably until you begin dining.) Click the Menu tab at the top of the page to see our regular menu, as these items are also available. We have a small but nice selection of beers and wines to accompany our food. 


Pickup order directions are detailed below the specials. We will continue to offer both traditional and contactless prepaid carryout (of both regular menu items and specials.) The number to call is now the restaurant's land line: (740) 594-3800, and you may call to place your carryout order as early as 3:00 each day we are open. On Wednesdays and Thursdays, your order must be in by 7:30 pm (You may order until 8:45 on Fridays and Saturdays.) If it rings busy, we're taking an order from another customer, so leave a message and we will call you back in a few minutes... and thank you for your patience!

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We no longer accept tips, and the gratuity you may have added formerly is now included in the price you see for food and beverages. We FEEL VERY fortunate to be able to pay our employees a living wage. 

The following are our specials for Wednesday through Saturday, January 18 to 22.  (If you are seeing last week's menu, please REFRESH THE PAGE.) 

soup special:  Your choice of cream of Mushroom OR curried cauliflower
Both are vegetarian.  Cup 5, bowl 8

main course special: Lamb Kofte Curry
Lamb meatballs in a curry sauce enriched with yogurt, ground almonds and a touch of cream, with mild Indian spices; it’s served over basmati rice with a side of aloo jeera (aka Bombay potatoes.) 24

main course special: Garithes me Feta (Greek Shrimp)
All the flavors of the Mediterranean: lovely jumbo Oishii shrimp, with Greek feta and Roma tomatoes, baked on a rice and onion  pilaf with olive oil and fresh dill.  A side of fasoulakia (Greek-style green beans with tomatoes, olive oil and potatoes) rounds out the meal. 25

main course special: Chicken, green olive and lemon tagine 
Ohio-raised chicken with chickpeas and olives in a fragrant North African stew, served with steamed couscous and a side of Moroccan roasted carrots.  22

featured item from our regular menu: salmon taratour  
Fresh salmon, sustainably raised in icy Antarctic waters, baked and topped with a tahini sauce and a salata of walnuts and herbs with lemon, olive oil and sumac, with basmati rice and the vegetable of the day (this week it’s a sweet and sour braised red cabbage, or you may substitute our grilled vegetable medley.) 26

side vegetable special: Moroccan Roasted Carrots 

dessert special: Raspberry White Chocolate cake 


 You may order specials or regular menu items for pickup until 8:45 on Friday and Saturday, or 7:30 on Wednesday and Thursday. you may phone in your order as early as 3:00 pm for pickup starting at 5:00.  Please pay by phone (use the restaurant number: 740-594-3800) and take advantage of our contactless pickup in the REAR of the restaurant.  To do this, please proceed in the direction of travel on S. Congress Street. Don't turn left onto Washington Street... just pass it and then turn left to enter the parking lot behind the restaurant.  You will see  a big shelf unit on our rear patio, where we will place your bags of food as soon as they are ready.  No need to call, unless there's a problem with your order.