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Restaurant Salaam

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Fine World Cuisine, Wine and Beer in Athens, Ohio

Please note that on Wednesday Feb 21, we'll open for dinner half an hour earlier, at 5 pm, to

accommodate patrons who will be attending the OU Performing Arts series show at 7:30. 

We welcome guests for dine-in Wednesday through Saturday from 5:30 to 9 pm.  Click the Menu tab at the top of the page to see our regular menu, or scroll down to see our specials this week.  We have a nice selection of beers and wines to accompany our food.

Reservations are ONLY accepted for parties of 7 or more. There are many smaller tables that are only used for our walk-in patrons.


Please note: Keri begins taking orders by phone for contactless "Keri-out" when she arrives at 2 or 3 pm, so if you call before then and leave a message,  expect a callback around 3 pm. Ordering early helps the kitchen staff to plan and prepare for your order, so, when you can, please order early! (You may pick up your order at a time you choose, between 5  and 8:30 pm.) The number to call is the restaurant's land line: (740) 594-3800. If it rings busy, we are fielding other calls to those who have left a voicemail.  We do not call back unless we are responding to your voicemail, so please do leave a simple message with your name and callback number!

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The following are our specials for 
Wednesday, Feb 21 through

Saturday, Feb 24. 

(If you are seeing last week's SPECIALS,

PLEASE NOTE: While we try to buy enough ingredients to prep enough of our weekly specials, sometimes toward the second half of the evening we may run out of some dishes. Occasionally this is because the dish is more popular than we bargained for and we've had to obtain an ingredient in Columbus or by mail, so we can't get more "on the fly."  If this should happen, please know that we understand how you feel when you get all geared up for a specific dish that was advertised and then can't order it, and we apologize in advance if that happens.

To see our regular menu, click HERE


By popular request, here’s the velvety-smooth, vegan soup that’s been a favorite at Salaam for years.  Cup 6, bowl 9


A traditional Greek casserole dish of fish baked with olives, olive oil and tomatoes; we’re using fresh sea bass, and adding sliced baby gold potatoes and fresh oregano. 30


Giant portobellos, baked with a stuffing of toasted walnuts, breadcrumbs, fresh spinach, caramelized red onion, fresh herbs and parmesan cheese. They’re served with cubes of sweet potatoes roasted with onions, olive oil and rosemary. Vegetarian.  25 


A hearty bowl full of a flavorful chicken stew, topped with plenty of our big croutons made with olive oil, fresh rosemary and garlic. 27

FEATURED VEGETABLE: Sweet potatoes roasted with olive oil, onions, garlic and fresh rosemary


You may order specials or regular menu items for pickup until 8:30, and can phone in your order as early as 2:00 pm for your choice of pickup time starting at 5:00. (Ordering early helps us with workflow in the kitchen and is always appreciated! DO leave a voicemail; we will call  you back in the order that calls are received.) You are welcome to pay by phone (use the restaurant number: 740-594-3800) and take advantage of our contactless pickup in the REAR of the restaurant.  To do this, please proceed in the direction of travel on South Congress Street. Don't turn left onto Washington Street... just pass it and then turn left to enter the parking lot behind the restaurant.  You will see  a big blue shelf unit on our rear patio, where we will place your bags of food as soon as they are ready. No need to call when picking up, unless there's a problem with your order.

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