Restaurant Salaam

Restaurant Salaam

fine global cuisine in athens, ohio


The Cleveland Plain Dealer had this to say about Salaam (read the full story HERE):

... but on this end-of-summer evening, we chose the sublime Salaam.

Walking into this Mediterranean restaurant (21 W. Washington St., just off Court) is like walking into a late-1960s Peter Sellers movie. The tablecloths, the fabric-skirted chair covers, the tiled window sills, the tropical plants, the Oriental rugs, the tapestries, the adobe-colored walls, and the subtle lighting make Salaam an exquisitely enticing eatery.

You feel instantly comfortable and relaxed, not to mention reassured to find a Mediterranean restaurant in a town called Athens.

We sampled the hummus, dolmas (stuffed grape leaves), baba ghannouj (eggplant dip), olives and roasted red peppers, sipped the Rene Barbier Mediterranean White (cheap!), inhaled the vegetarian Mediterranean pasta and marveled at the marvelous salad with walnuts, feta and pomegranate vinaigrette dressing.

Best of all was the fresh, warm, melt-your-heart bread for dipping and dunking.

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Restaurant Salaam, WINNER:


1st:  Best Ethnic Cuisine

2nd: Best Fine Dining



1st:  Best Ethnic Cuisine

2nd: Best Vegetarian Cuisine, Best Fine Dining, Best Vegetarian Cuisine, Best Uniquely Athens Restaurant



1st:  Best Ethnic Cuisine, Best Place to Go on a Date

2nd: Best Vegetarian Cuisine, Best Fine Dining



1st:  Best Ethnic Cuisine

2nd :  Best Fine Dining, Best Vegetarian Cuisine

3rd:  Best Place to Go on a Date



1st :   Best Ethnic Cuisine

2nd:   Best Place to Go on a Date, Best Vegetarian Cuisine

3rd:    Best Uniquely Athens Restaurant, Best Fine Dining



1st :  Best Ethnic Cuisine

2nd :  Best Vegetarian Cuisine, Best Fine Dining, Best Uniquely Athens Restaurant



1st: Best Ethnic Cuisine, Best Renovation

2nd : Best Vegetarian Cuisine

3rd :  Best Fine Dining, Best Uniquely Athens Restaurant

The Athens News "Best of Athens" Readers' Choice Awards

rounding house salad

Ryland rounding our daily bread

One of our favorite salads, with feta, walnuts, and a house-made pomegranate dressing

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